Explos-Nature is a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education and biological science research. Founded in 1955 the organization is based in Les Bergeronnes, on the North Shore, in the heart of whale country. Explos-Nature has a unique educational approach that promotes the discovery of natural sciences through the five senses, in the fabulous setting of the St. Lawrence, from its forest shores to the confines of its waters. Observing, listening, touching and tasting the St. Lawrence to know and discover its secrets and become aware of the importance of saving it, this is the main objective of Explos-Nature. The organization offers several educational programs and specialized camps focused on the St. Lawrence Estuary. Explos-Nature also initiates research projects in collaboration with various ministries, universities and local partners in order to understand the functioning of ecosystems and to offer high-quality popular science material. The Tadoussac Bird Observatory is the organization’s largest research program to date.
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