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Thème - Biogéochimie


Nutrients, organic matter, pH, contaminants, primary production, dissolved oxygen, carbon sequestration

Thème - Biodiversité

Biology and ecosystems

Biodiversity, habitat, physiology, genetic, invasive species, species at risk, environmental stressors

Thème - Environnement


Currents, water level, bathymetry, temperature, ice, salinity, waves, submarine acoustic

Thème - Géologie marine

Marine Geology

Sediments, sediment transport, granulometry, benthic imagery, minerals, dating

Thème - Océanographie

Coastal environment

Coastal erosion, coastline, coastal habitat, conservation, shoreline restoration, river access

Thème - Activités humaines

Human Activity

Maritime traffic, fisheries, aquaculture, aboriginal uses, tourism, climate changes adaptation

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